The day started with great weather after a miserable day before. Seven cars met at Maccas and got away on time.

Richard and Claire joined the group at Tuggerah and led the way north and along the Yarramalong valley. Those who know Richard know he enjoys a fang along winding roads. Yarramalong valley provided some G force experience and after a short refreshment and toilet stop at Yarramalong Village, we tackled Bumble hill. It is a 3.6km hill with some tight turns but remembering it is a speed limited public road then no risks were taken.

The scenery so far was lush green fields and paddocks with splashes of Autumn colour. Very picturesque.

Some more varied driving to Mangrove and on to the F3. At the Ourimbah interchange we headed to Wyong via the old Pacific Highway. It has a few tight bits but a 60kmh limit takes most of the fun out of the drive. Continuing along the highway to our lunch stop at the Dam Hotel. Where is the Dam?? Come next year and find out!

The Pot Pie that John and I had was excellent. You will have to ask the other members about their food quality and value but the serve size appeared to be large!

This was a short run and though there was a mapped long run home most members opted for the short run home and an early finish.

I hope more members join these runs thus giving the organisers a reason to do the work of finding interesting places to visit and mapping out the run.


Happy Zedding                                               Richard Handley