The excursion starting point was the McDonalds Restaurant at Camden Valley Way, Prestons. Eleven hardy perennials and six vehicles headed off at 9.00AM and reached the M7 within minutes. Apart from the near freezing temperature there was thankfully no sign of rain. The added bonus was fairly light traffic .While trying to keep the convoy intact by maintaining a constant speed, the lead car was overtaken by a large semi trailer which immediately slowed down. This necessitated waiting for a break in the traffic so that all the convoy could overtake safely.


The convoy settled into its stride again only to have the semi loom large in the rear view mirrors once more. However, with a collective sigh of relief from the Zedders, the truck veered off to the left on a slip road. Traffic started to thicken somewhat as the M2 was approached. The convoy then got behind one of those annoying drivers who can’t seem to make up their mind what speed to travel at – instead of a fixed speed they seem to work within a range. If the speed limit is 100kms/hr they will alternate between 80-100kms/hr. However, once you try to overtake them they will suddenly increase their speed – sometimes over the speed limit.


Finally past the “oscillator” the Zedders then hit heavy traffic on the M2 and soon after the ubiquitous Pennant Hills Rd. Robyn rang the rest of the attending Zedders who were waiting at the back of the Thornleigh McDonalds. After a “pit stop” at the Thornleigh McDonalds the enhanced convoy took off for the M1.


The convoy got somewhat dissected at the numerous traffic light intersections on the Pennant Hills Road – which meant slowing until the rest of the Zedders caught up. In spite of this – good time was made for the rest of the trip – and the Gosford Classic Car Museum was reached at 10:35AM.


It took a while to get a “heads up” on actual numbers of people and cars attending the excursion – as people seemed to be popping up everywhere.


However, supplemented by some Auszcar members and a few guests the final total was 30 people and 18 cars. This would probably be a record for an excursion by the Sydney Z Car Club. After finding parking spaces in the crowded parking bays the Zedders ventured inside the Gosford Classic Car Museum.


What a sight – acres of magnificent vehicles – Aston Martins, Lamborghinis , Ferraris , Lincolns, Corvettes, Cadillacs, Mercedes, Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Packards as well as extremely rare classic vehicles. One of these was the 1958 Facel Vega HK500 – which compared with a 1958 Holden struggling to reach 130kms/hr – these beauties would easily hit 240kms/hr. Although no details were given by the Museum inscription – they were powered by a 5.8L Chrysler engine.


And, yes, there was the usual Holden “humpy” through to FJ up to FE and FC and HD models. One Torana GTR XU1 and a number of Fords including a GTHO were also on display as well as a few scattered 240Zs.


It is worthwhile considering how far we have come with engine technology. Take for example the Falcon GTHO Phase III. Stated output for this 5.8 L engine was 221Kws. A Nissan 300Zx twin turbo has an identical output from less than 3.0L.


Holden GTR XUI – output 120Kws – most 2.0L engines nowadays have similar outputs due to fuel injection and other electronic advances.


After some hours spent at the museum the Zedders headed to the Gosford RSL for lunch. An extensive range of meals was available at reasonable prices. The Z car group took up two and a half large tables and the conversation continued with good food and good company.

Overall, a very successful and enjoyable day with an outstanding attendance.

– Ray