Before we start on the details of the cruise, let’s just say this:

Covid – 19 0

Z Car Club of Sydney 3 

We have now had three successful excursions in 2020 despite the pandemic!

The filtering of members arriving at Big Daddy’s at Casula started turning into a flood. The crowd consisted primarily of long standing and new members, previous members and friends and relatives. A sight to behold!

Among the assembled vehicles was Sam’s 300ZX Z32 twin turbo with thoroughly chromed engine bay and spectacular red duco over customised bodywork. Members braved the strong cold winds for a closer look. There was a lot of catching up to do, so members ordered light snacks washed down by various drinks.

Although route maps had previously been E mailed to members, Ray had got a phone call from Willy and Graham B suggesting a variation on the route. As both these members lived in Dapto – they would be more expert on the area and its environs. Willy and Graham B suggested that they would meet the convoy at Yallah. Lots of wrinkled brows, until one brave member, Des (of Harley Davidson fame – and yes, he does have the jacket!) admitted that he knew where Yallah was (never volunteer, Des!!).

Seizing the opportunity, the “world’s worst navigator” seconded Des to lead the convoy. OK time to move out! Sixteen vehicles snaked out of Big Daddy’s following the blue 370Z. The destination was the Kiama Golf Club situated in Kiama Downs. Hitting the Hume Motorway the vehicles became a bit strung out as cars in a convoy are always prone to –convoy members drive at different speeds and have to manoeuvre around highway traffic. Des did a good job of keeping convoy members in sight despite the prevailing traffic conditions. Yep, there’s the Picton turnoff – did everyone get around safely? No strays! Head towards the M1. What’s that showing on the GPS? Good heavens it’s Yallah! Yallah is situated near Albion Park Rail.

A silver 350Z piloted by Willy, deftly zoomed in front of the lead car of the Z Car convoy to complete the journey to the Kiama Golf Club -.our lunch venue. After a few twists and turns through the back streets of Kiama the golf club in Oxley Ave hove into view. After all the vehicles had been safely parked the club members entered the club to be seated at one booked table and other tables nearby. At this stage a head count indicated 27 people – an excellent turnout. The car park was also filled with 17 vehicles belonging to members.

Service at the Kiama Golf Club was of a high standard where a waitress took drink orders and delivered them back to the tables. Meals were also of a good standard and competitively priced. Conversations at the various tables continued for some hours before members started to give their farewells and depart.

Overall a very enjoyable and successful excursion with an excellent number of interested members and guests in attendance.