The day started well with optimistic weather forecasts – but the great unknown is always the consideration of who will turn up for the cruise. Not to worry! By the time Robyn and Ray arrived there was already a good number of cars parked outside Big Daddy’s. As coffee and extras were being consumed, numbers started to swell. There was a mixed bag of vehicles amongst the Z mobiles including the bright red Jensen Healey and the Austin Healey 3000. Michael (potential member) had brought his rather interesting two tone 370Z roadster which he had recently purchased. Ray had decided (with the tyre issues of his 370Z on the last excursion) to bring his non Z white sedan while awaiting the purchase of a new set of tyres for the “Z”.

Coffee and small talk (suspended for now) it was time to hit the road. The excursion maps had been planned in two parts in order that the Grand Pacific Drive with its superb views could be part of the journey. Merely inputting Club Thirroul into the GPS would result in a direct route to Club Thirroul bypassing the more scenic route.

There was a bit of a scramble to get out of the Big Daddy’s environs with its narrow street access. This resulted in the Zedders having to queue up for several minutes. Ray (who was supposed to be leading the convoy) got swallowed up in the traffic jam and was second last in the queue. Des, fortunately, leading the convoy, pulled over on Parkers Farm Pl and allowed Ray to resume the lead. Turning onto the Camden Valley Way the convoy hit the tricky M5 turnoff within a few hundred metres, and, inevitably the vast majority of the convoy didn’t manage to get through. Slow to 70kms/hr and hope the convoy catches up on the M5 before the Heathcote Rd slip road. Not happening! Despite Ray slowing up there was no sign of the convoy. Ray finally managed to find a safe spot to pull over on Heathcote Rd. He, Robyn and Barry then patiently waited for the convoy to catch up. There they are! Flashing lights and horns had no effect – the convoy didn’t slow down and went storming past leaving Ray and Barry far behind. That went well!! Ultimately the convoy was sighted some time later perched on the cliff overlooking Thirroul taking photos and admiring the view. Ray and Robyn decided to continue down Grand Pacific Drive ahead of the convoy to ensure that Club Thirroul had made all the necessary booking arrangements for the Z Car Club. They slowed to take photos on the way down and take in the great scenery.

Arriving at Club Thirroul, Ray spoke to the Manager and was taken to the conference room. A bit of reorganisation of the furniture would ensure that everyone was seated comfortably and comply with Covd-19 restrictions. All done. Now wait for the Zedders to arrive. The conference room was quickly filled with Z car club members – head count was 31 with 20 cars belonging to our members in the car park. The Z car members fortunately had the conference room to themselves. Club Thirroul did a great job of getting meals to members expediently, in spite of the large numbers present. Prices were considerably cheaper than most clubs and the food was of a good standard. The Club Thirroul photographer asked if he could take photos of our group for the Club Thirroul Facebook page. Members filed outside and were photographed with their cars.

This was a fitting end to a very enjoyable, successful and well attended excursion.