After the axing of the East Hills venue for the Z Club’s Show & Shine , it was necessary to find an alternative venue – and rather quickly.

Ray negotiated over a couple of weeks with the management of the Arena Sports Club, and it was finally resolved that their car park could be utilised for the event. However, because of Covid-19 restrictions numbers would have to be constrained and it was agreed that attendance would be limited to club members and their immediate families.

It was necessary to correlate the event so that the car display and judging would lead into the booked lunch time as the weather was predicted to be rather hot, and members wouldn’t want to be hanging around outside the club waiting for lunch.

The event officially started at 11.ooam and by this time a total of nineteen “Z” cars had assembled. These ranged from 240Zs to 370Zs with standard, modified and highly modified versions on display.

Andrew, unable to get his multi coloured 260Z registered in time had borrowed his mate’s trailer and towed it from the North Shore.

Sunglasses were almost mandatory to view Sam’s stunning maroon 300ZX TT with fully chromed engine! The only vehicles not represented were unmodified 280Zs and 350Zs.

With judging completed and the temperature continuing to rise it was thankfully time to enter the air conditioned Club Arena for lunch.

Ray had made arrangements with Bea, the Catering/Events Manager to streamline the entrance of members into the club by providing a list of those attending (with him being nominated as the contact person).

This saved considerable time and allowed members to be seated in an expedient manner. At this point in time a head count indicated a total of twenty five members and guests. Which, when considering the problems caused by Covid-19 was a good turnout.

Because of the number of members present it was going to take some time for meals to be prepared – so this would be a good opportunity to make the presentations for both the different categories of “Z” cars and the point score awards.

Craig, Terry and Ray combined to present trophies to the owners of the Z cars in the various categories as well as the Z Car point score recipients. Meals were now being served, so official proceedings ended to allow members to enjoy their dinners.

Overall, the Show & Shine proved to be very successful with a good attendance of enthusiastic members whose passion for Z vehicles showed in the excellent presentation of all vehicles on display.

The winners of the various Z car categories and point score award recipients are listed below.

Z Car Categories

1st Place 240 Z standard – Darrelle Twyman 

1st Place 240 Z modified – John Hewett

1st Place 260 Z standard _ Brad Twyman

1st Place 260 Z modified – Andrew Rogers

1st Place 260 Z 2+2 standard – Eamonn Donohoe

1st Place 280 Z modified – Brian Haines

1st Place Z 31 standard – Barry Godfrey

1st Place Z32 300 ZX Standard – Josh Lewis

1st Place Z32 300 ZX Twin Turbo – John Stevanovski 

1st Place Z32 300 ZX Twin Turbo modified – Sam Raihan

1st Place 370 Z standard – John Wakeling

1st Place 370 Z modified – Craig Tebbet

1st Place People Choice – Sam Raihan


Ray Marsh

Point Score Pennants

Distinction – Robyn Marsh

Credit – Terry Stevens

Merit – Vince Rivers

  • Ray