As we normally don’t have excursions in January due to the number of public holidays and members on annual leave this was a bit of a “rush job”. Ray was requested to organise this excursion expediently so that members could be given reasonable notice and, particularly as it was to be held in the evening.

The venue was Talotta’s Pizzeria at Kurnell. Tony, the proprietor is a mad car enthusiast who has named his pizza offerings after different car makes and there is a huge choice of different pizzas on the menu.

Similar to other members, except those that live locally, Ray last visited Kurnell as a kid to play in the sandhills. Because of the timeframe and location there was to be no convoy and members were to make their own travel route arrangements. This was to be an extended journey for most members except for a few “locals”.

Joe was the first to arrive at Talotta’s and Robyn and Ray joined him some time later and waited for the arrival of the other members. The weather still looked a bit “iffy” and fortunately the booking had been made for indoors just in case.

The inside of the restaurant was adorned with all sorts of car memorabilia from pictures to car “bits”. The inside area is fairly limited and Ray was a little concerned about adequate seating as there had been thirteen verified attendees.

John, Kaye, Jamie, John Hewett, Des and Eileen filtered in initially and as time progressed more members arrived until there was nineteen in total – a great total for a quickly planned night time run. There was a total of twelve cars in the Talotta’s car park belonging to members.

Members grabbed the available seats which consisted of benches and outlying pouffes – it was crowded but everyone fitted. Although the restaurant is unlicensed members availed themselves of the bottle shop next door.

Before too long the meals started to arrive and members enjoyed the high quality pizzas on offer. For those that ordered ribs – this consisted of delicious meat on one side only – which made it easier to eat with a knife and fork, rather than have to eat with your fingers and make a mess!

Someone was celebrating a birthday at a nearby table as music suddenly exploded and everybody stopped talking at once – whaddyaknow, live entertainment!

Conversations continued for some hours before the first of the members started to leave. It had been a pleasant, enjoyable evening with a good turnout of members, in spite of January being a busy holiday month and the excursion being held in the evening.