Joadja Distillery & Historic Tour

The day started at the Pheasants Nest Service Centre, to reduce the timeline of a long day out. There were a few introductions to new faces to our social events and a surprise new addition to the Twyman family of cars.

The convoy of 10 Z cars headed off and regrouped at Mittagong Information Centre. Perfect spot for a photo opportunity, as we had the carpark to ourselves. Barbara used the short rest stop to accumulate a few more brochures and maps on possible holidays or car events.

It was a beautiful drive towqrds Wombeyan Caves and out into the countryside. A few cars diverted but quickly rejoined the convoy. All was going great until the road expectantly became unsealed. Not a big issue, just added to the adventure.

The Joadja Distillery is positioned in a valley that encompasses historic stories of the shale mining era. The tour guide was extremely well informed and made the history lesson very comical. We all enjoyed lots of Gin, Whiskey and Brandy tastings and made several purchases.

Off to Bowral for lunch at the Mill. Now that Covid restrictions have eased, new food outlets have opened that may also be worth trying at a later date.

Thanks to everyone who joined in the days activities and for Barbara’s suggestion of the event