Sublime Point, National Park and Pizza at Kurnell

The weather gods were not kind but just prior to us leaving home, the sky was clear so we drove to our meeting point. A few brave Z enthusiasts greeted us at Heathcote and we huddled together out of the rain to discuss our plans. We voted to continue on our epic journey despite the weather. Z enthusiasts are a tough group.

A short 30 min drive had us arriving at Sublime Point during a perfect break in the rain and clouds. A group selfie, a look at the view and then back to the warmth of our cars. Sunrise Nursery at Helensburgh was a welcoming stopover for coffee, hot chocolates and a chance to all catch up on Z conversations. Terry surprised everyone with his new 350Z which proved a great choice on the day, with the heated seats.

Then the fun part of the day commenced, driving the Grand Pacific Drive. Advantages of inclement weather – very few other cars, no pushbikes, plenty of parking spots. It was a great, leisurely drive winding through the National Park. Some of our group then headed home while the rest of us headed to Kamay National Park Kurnell. As we arrived the sun came out and we had a great view of the bay and the whale bone sculptures. A short drive to Talotta’s Pizza was a good way to end the day. Awesome food while surrounded in car memorabilia.

Many thanks to everyone who left the warmth of a cosy home to join the day out. Due to Covid, it might be a while before we get to enjoy another one.

The Presidents Run 2021

Winter had arrived as we assembled at the old Toll Gates at Berowra and so had the local highway patrol, not that they bothered us. As a warning whilst waiting for the start time to click around we witnessed hundreds of bicyclists passing by, all going in the same direction as us. With the driver briefing completed we headed out onto the Old Pacific Highway. I must say it’s no mean feat to stay on the Old Pacific Highway as all signs and the GPS lead to the M1 Pacific Motorway. Even more complex are the series of intersections leading to Calga, Mt White, Peats Ridge and on to Mangrove Central.

Everyone had some interesting passing moves to accommodate the bike riders on the sometimes very narrow Old Pacific Highway. Eventually we arrived at the two lane 110 kmh area and opened the lungs of the Zeds so they could finally appreciate the cold air fuel mix.

First stop was Jerry’s Café where we met a 100 or so motor bike riders enjoying a coffee. It was a machine extravaganza for all concerned, although a lone D-Type Jaguar seemed to attract much attention as did many of the bikes.

From here the trivia questions began. There was much celebration that the prizes for the winners would be some very special Presidents Run jams and John’s much sort after Tomato Chilli Relish. Some of the teams (knowing what the treats were) wanted to buy these on the spot. Adding to the mix was the offer for participants to buy answers to questions. Arriving in Wollombi the race was on to search out the trivia answers. I couldn’t believe how competitive some of the ladies were! Some members fell in love with the charm of Wollombi and this will be a favourite place to return to. Leaving Wollombi our overall speed increased significantly to the delight of the navigators (NOT) and all had great fun on the never ending corners for a little over an hour. The Zeds really got a workout on this road….

Arriving at Harrigan’s Irish Pub for lunch we were able to park in a discrete Zed parking area. The hotel were organised with our tables ready. Everyone had a hearty meal and then with much anticipation it was time to announce the trivia winners. The results were very interestingly as we had a draw for first place with Mark and Kathy and Jamie and Joanne both dropping only ½ a point who  received a very delectable selection of the President Run prizes. Third were Brad and Darrelle, forth Andrew and Sophie, followed by Andrew and Ester. The President then made sure that all attending received some of the treats as a thank you for supporting the event.

The afternoon saw us all distribute to various places across the Hunter Valley for wine tasting and then onto the Foghorn boutique brewery for a tour, I believe some of the ladies enjoyed bubbles and cheese. I could not believe how good the Slatted Magpie Porters was and the Ginger and chilli beer from Foghorn were. Just amazing! Dinner was arranged at The Mighty Pub (Previously called Potters) with all enjoying excellent food and company.

Sunday morning we travelled the short distance to the Hunter Recreational Flying Club for a huge breakfast and then a tour of the hangers and Flying Club member’s aeroplanes.  Joy flights in club member’s planes was an enormous success. The smiles were intoxicating particularly when Lawson was offered the pilot’s seat to fly the plane, his younger brother Cam was also given the same opportunity.

Of course the best dressed Zed club members wore the President’s Run commemorative shirt!

It’s always good to see new comers come along with Andrew and Sophie, Mark and Kathy and Scott all attending. Scott certainly kept me honest negotiating the corners at ridiculously sensible speeds (Ha!). Anyway thanks to everyone that attended and made a positive contribution to making this a great event.


Joadja Distillery & Historic Tour

The day started at the Pheasants Nest Service Centre, to reduce the timeline of a long day out. There were a few introductions to new faces to our social events and a surprise new addition to the Twyman family of cars.

The convoy of 10 Z cars headed off and regrouped at Mittagong Information Centre. Perfect spot for a photo opportunity, as we had the carpark to ourselves. Barbara used the short rest stop to accumulate a few more brochures and maps on possible holidays or car events.

It was a beautiful drive towqrds Wombeyan Caves and out into the countryside. A few cars diverted but quickly rejoined the convoy. All was going great until the road expectantly became unsealed. Not a big issue, just added to the adventure.

The Joadja Distillery is positioned in a valley that encompasses historic stories of the shale mining era. The tour guide was extremely well informed and made the history lesson very comical. We all enjoyed lots of Gin, Whiskey and Brandy tastings and made several purchases.

Off to Bowral for lunch at the Mill. Now that Covid restrictions have eased, new food outlets have opened that may also be worth trying at a later date.

Thanks to everyone who joined in the days activities and for Barbara’s suggestion of the event

Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk

Sunday 28 March

Big Daddy’s Burger bar was again the meeting place for our March Event to the Southern Highlands. The weather could not have been better. Members gathered for the 8.30 start. A good representation of Z models were shining in the morning sun.

First stop, Twin Servos at Pheasants nest, a leisurely 30-minute drive where 3 other cars joined in. Off we go down the freeway toward Mittagong. Then on to Bowral where heads were turning young and old as the now 12 Zeds drove through the main street in formation.

The roads started to open out and so did some of our Members. Sheep wash Road led on to the Illawarra highway and down through the Robertson Township. The local motorcycle police officer was highly active in the area which made us all feel very safe. Luckily, he was so busy dealing with others that he left us alone.

We arrived at the Tree top walk to plenty of parking. We were able to all park in formation which made some good photo opportunities for the group. The views were spectacular as long as a little side to side movement of the walking platform didn’t worry you. Some chose to sit out the walk and have a good old chat instead. Either way, everyone was happy. Just because our Zeds run a little rich and are a little over the odds when it comes to CO2 emissions, it doesn’t mean that we can’t be environmentalists. Luckily, there were plenty of trees around to filter the fumes!

Time to head back to Robertson for Lunch. Slight delay as the local cows blocked the roadway but were soon encouraged off into the bush, then it was a quick stop at Carrington Falls. This was an unexpected highlight; the recent rains made the falls spectacular. The last time we went to a waterfall in the Southern Highlands, Member Barry Godfrey was heard saying that his morning shower had more water flow! Good one Baz.

Lunch was at the Robertson Public House and kitchen, otherwise known as the Robbo Pub!! The food was exceptional, Prices were good and the drinks cold. What more do you need? Nice likeminded people who share the love of Zeds. Well, we had that too.

A big thank you to Brad and Darelle for organising a perfect day. A big thank you to the members and guests who came along to make it a success. Spread the word about our events and let’s see if we can get even more members enjoying our Club outings.


Warragamba Dam Brunch- Sunday 7th March,2021

The February AGM led to the election of a revised Committee. The new committee decided to try something a little different by organising a Member brunch at Havilland Park, Warragamba dam. This time slot worked with quite a few members who had other commitments a little later in the day but were still able to attend.

Members started to arrive just before the 9am starting time and quickly swung the BBQ into action with Sausages, Bacon and eggs all sizzling away. We were blessed with the weather and this was complimented by a large clean shelter capable of seating all members.

We had a great roll up of members, past, present, and even a few new members signing up for this year. With over 40 people and 20 cars it was considered a great success and members seemed to enjoy the whole experience.

A big thank you to all who supported the event and we look forward to seeing you at the next event in late March.


As we normally don’t have excursions in January due to the number of public holidays and members on annual leave this was a bit of a “rush job”. Ray was requested to organise this excursion expediently so that members could be given reasonable notice and, particularly as it was to be held in the evening.

The venue was Talotta’s Pizzeria at Kurnell. Tony, the proprietor is a mad car enthusiast who has named his pizza offerings after different car makes and there is a huge choice of different pizzas on the menu.

Similar to other members, except those that live locally, Ray last visited Kurnell as a kid to play in the sandhills. Because of the timeframe and location there was to be no convoy and members were to make their own travel route arrangements. This was to be an extended journey for most members except for a few “locals”.

Joe was the first to arrive at Talotta’s and Robyn and Ray joined him some time later and waited for the arrival of the other members. The weather still looked a bit “iffy” and fortunately the booking had been made for indoors just in case.

The inside of the restaurant was adorned with all sorts of car memorabilia from pictures to car “bits”. The inside area is fairly limited and Ray was a little concerned about adequate seating as there had been thirteen verified attendees.

John, Kaye, Jamie, John Hewett, Des and Eileen filtered in initially and as time progressed more members arrived until there was nineteen in total – a great total for a quickly planned night time run. There was a total of twelve cars in the Talotta’s car park belonging to members.

Members grabbed the available seats which consisted of benches and outlying pouffes – it was crowded but everyone fitted. Although the restaurant is unlicensed members availed themselves of the bottle shop next door.

Before too long the meals started to arrive and members enjoyed the high quality pizzas on offer. For those that ordered ribs – this consisted of delicious meat on one side only – which made it easier to eat with a knife and fork, rather than have to eat with your fingers and make a mess!

Someone was celebrating a birthday at a nearby table as music suddenly exploded and everybody stopped talking at once – whaddyaknow, live entertainment!

Conversations continued for some hours before the first of the members started to leave. It had been a pleasant, enjoyable evening with a good turnout of members, in spite of January being a busy holiday month and the excursion being held in the evening.


After the axing of the East Hills venue for the Z Club’s Show & Shine , it was necessary to find an alternative venue – and rather quickly.

Ray negotiated over a couple of weeks with the management of the Arena Sports Club, and it was finally resolved that their car park could be utilised for the event. However, because of Covid-19 restrictions numbers would have to be constrained and it was agreed that attendance would be limited to club members and their immediate families.

It was necessary to correlate the event so that the car display and judging would lead into the booked lunch time as the weather was predicted to be rather hot, and members wouldn’t want to be hanging around outside the club waiting for lunch.

The event officially started at 11.ooam and by this time a total of nineteen “Z” cars had assembled. These ranged from 240Zs to 370Zs with standard, modified and highly modified versions on display.

Andrew, unable to get his multi coloured 260Z registered in time had borrowed his mate’s trailer and towed it from the North Shore.

Sunglasses were almost mandatory to view Sam’s stunning maroon 300ZX TT with fully chromed engine! The only vehicles not represented were unmodified 280Zs and 350Zs.

With judging completed and the temperature continuing to rise it was thankfully time to enter the air conditioned Club Arena for lunch.

Ray had made arrangements with Bea, the Catering/Events Manager to streamline the entrance of members into the club by providing a list of those attending (with him being nominated as the contact person).

This saved considerable time and allowed members to be seated in an expedient manner. At this point in time a head count indicated a total of twenty five members and guests. Which, when considering the problems caused by Covid-19 was a good turnout.

Because of the number of members present it was going to take some time for meals to be prepared – so this would be a good opportunity to make the presentations for both the different categories of “Z” cars and the point score awards.

Craig, Terry and Ray combined to present trophies to the owners of the Z cars in the various categories as well as the Z Car point score recipients. Meals were now being served, so official proceedings ended to allow members to enjoy their dinners.

Overall, the Show & Shine proved to be very successful with a good attendance of enthusiastic members whose passion for Z vehicles showed in the excellent presentation of all vehicles on display.

The winners of the various Z car categories and point score award recipients are listed below.

Z Car Categories

1st Place 240 Z standard – Darrelle Twyman 

1st Place 240 Z modified – John Hewett

1st Place 260 Z standard _ Brad Twyman

1st Place 260 Z modified – Andrew Rogers

1st Place 260 Z 2+2 standard – Eamonn Donohoe

1st Place 280 Z modified – Brian Haines

1st Place Z 31 standard – Barry Godfrey

1st Place Z32 300 ZX Standard – Josh Lewis

1st Place Z32 300 ZX Twin Turbo – John Stevanovski 

1st Place Z32 300 ZX Twin Turbo modified – Sam Raihan

1st Place 370 Z standard – John Wakeling

1st Place 370 Z modified – Craig Tebbet

1st Place People Choice – Sam Raihan


Ray Marsh

Point Score Pennants

Distinction – Robyn Marsh

Credit – Terry Stevens

Merit – Vince Rivers

  • Ray