It was another brisk Sunday morning as the Z Car Club converged on Maca’s at Dural for our monthly run. An excellent roll up of 10 cars were taking part representing every model from 240’s to 370’s Also great to see Bruce Richardson and Chris Hebbard back on the track. At 9.00am sharp under Ern’s instructions we took off in single file down the windy hill into Galston Gorge and up the switchbacks on the other side. Great fun for Z’s and their gearboxes.

We then headed up the Old Pacific Highway to Gosford endeavouring to miss as many of the pesky bicycles as possible whilst maintaining some semblance of the speed limit, ever mindful of  who may lurk around the next bend. Then Down into Gosford and out through Erina to The Entrance. A couple of red lights broke up the line which caused a few of us to do a couple of laps of the shopping centre to regain our bearings as opposed to admitting we were lost. We regrouped on the other side of the bridge north to wait for Ray to catch up. This stop provided an opportunity for the horticultural amongst us to reflect on the cold morning from behind some of the local flora. Relief at last.

Richard Handley, now a resident of these alien parts met us here and took over the lead from Ern to show us the scenery at Nora Head. With heavy seas and strong winds the view was inhospitable but well worth a look. It also provided a great spot for a photo shoot of the now 11 Z’s.

Next stop was Budgewoi and the hotel for a relaxing lunch amongst good company. Thanks again to Ern as we all headed south and home.