Well, not the robust turnout of members (of our recent excursions) that was expected – however not too bad overall with seven cars and twelve members including our newest member, Eamonn (welcome aboard).

The convoy started from the Crossroads Hotel at Casula proceeded west and took the correct turn to the M7 but some straggling Zedders lagged some kilometres behind. The leading cars in the convoy pulled to the side of the expressway to allow time for “the tail” to catch up. After the convoy reassembled itself, it became difficult to get back onto the M7 as there was a continuous stream of traffic hurtling past. Eventually, the convoy was able to safely pull into the traffic flow once more. The progress was uneventful for the next 38 kilometres on the M7 and ultimately the M2 and the Pennant Hills Road was reached.


A series of phone calls determined that Eamonn was waiting at a service station on Pennant Hills Rd and that John was enroute. Eamonn was spotted – a flash of headlights and a tap on the horn alerted him to join the convoy. The convoy started to separate again (mostly due to traffic conditions) as Berowra Waters Road was reached.

The Zedders then had to endure the “interesting” part of the trip – the extremely narrow and extremely winding road down to the Berowra Waters ferry. Just to make it even more “interesting” a group of middle-aged( and older) bikers decided to overtake all the Z cars on the narrow bends – which meant cutting back in and giving the Zedders very little room to manoeuvre. Nice one!


However, the convoy arrived intact and fortunately were all able to fit on the ferry for a single trip and arrived at the Berowra Waters Fish Restaurant a few minutes later. Because the Zedders had arrived early parking was plentiful.


The group made its way to the restaurant and started “adjusting the furnishings” by cobbling tables together so the members could be seated together. This initially caused some alarm to the Manager but after reassuring him that there would be no accesses blocked – the matter was resolved. The Manager was Russell who had replaced Adrian.

Ray introduced himself and members of the Z Car Group and thanked Russell for his hospitality. The group ordered coffee and drinks while waiting for lunch. The food was of a particularly good quality and ultra cheap – $12.50 for a fairly substantial fish and chips dinner.


The marina was packed with boats of various sizes and types and provided an impressive view for visitors. The Zedders chatted away for some hours during and after lunch. The weather was coolish, the outlook very pleasant and everyone seemed to enjoy the day.


– Ray