The Bathurst Challenge was held from 28th November 2019 until 1st December 2019. This event , organised by the Queensland branch of the Z Car Club attracted a vast number of car enthusiasts.

The attraction for a lot of enthusiasts was the chance to drive their private vehicles (whether standard or modified) on the challenging 6.2km Mount Panorama circuit.

The Z Car Club of Sydney was ably represented by Craig , Jaimie , Vince , John Wakeling, John Hewett and Andrew and his son , William.

Craig, Andrew and William also fulfilled official duties trackside over a period of three days of the event.

There was a large number of expensive exotic vehicles which included Lamborghinis, Audi R8s , McLarens and Porsches – which later formed the basis of the GT3 class.

There was an initial “meet and greet” family night which helped to set the right tone for the gathering.

One of the highlights of the event was a complimentary dinner provided by Nissan on Saturday night – which was particularly appreciated by the Bathurst Challenge attendees. This was held in the Bathurst Museum.

Apart from the owners of the private vehicles trying their prowess at Mount Panorama , the GT3 racing provided plenty of excitement. The GT3 class was ultimately won by a McLaren , but failed to set a new lap record.

On the Saturday night Craig was rewarded ( by an extensive/expensive modification to his suspension) by receiving a trophy for his modified Nissan 370Z.

Everyone from the Sydney Z Car Club who attended the Bathurst Challenge thoroughly enjoyed the event.

The only hiccup was when William (Andrew’s son) inadvertently burnt out the clutch on Andrew’s newly acquired 240Z. (? Obviously coming out of his pocket money for the next couple of years!!)