The February AGM led to the election of a revised Committee. The new committee decided to try something a little different by organising a Member brunch at Havilland Park, Warragamba dam. This time slot worked with quite a few members who had other commitments a little later in the day but were still able to attend.

Members started to arrive just before the 9am starting time and quickly swung the BBQ into action with Sausages, Bacon and eggs all sizzling away. We were blessed with the weather and this was complimented by a large clean shelter capable of seating all members.

We had a great roll up of members, past, present, and even a few new members signing up for this year. With over 40 people and 20 cars it was considered a great success and members seemed to enjoy the whole experience.

A big thank you to all who supported the event and we look forward to seeing you at the next event in late March.