There were quite a few challenges in organising this excursion which was to be held at the Chalet Restaurant at Medlow Bath. Craig did the legwork in getting the costs involved , the menu and providing a comprehensive map to the venue.

Whether the timing, the venue , or the time of the year involved other commitments – the level of interest from members was not high.

However, repeated E Mails featuring everything from appealing pointing puppy dogs to pictures of Jane Fonda elicited some response.

Then, with only days before the excursion ,the weather worsened considerably in the Blue Mountains area. Heavy snowfalls , black ice, numerous road smashes caused by the slippery road conditions , closure of the Great Western Highway in both directions as well as the Bells Line of Road had all the earmarks of a total disaster for the planned excursion.


The internet provided useless outdated information regarding road conditions in the area which continued to the day of the excursion.

Craig sent out an E Mail stating that it was “still on”.

With much trepidation Ray and Robyn took their ordinary family car ( the reasoning was that a high powered Z car confronted with black ice and super slippery roads might be a handful and a distinct health hazard”).

Courtney also erred on the side of caution (deciding not to take her overboosted Z) . Anthony, with the flamboyance of youth decided to take his modified 370Z with Courtney as a passenger.

With predicted maximum temperatures in Medlow Bath of  8 degrees centigrade,  Ray and Robyn took off with gritted teeth and headed “for the hills”. What the hell!

Blue sky, no sleet, smoothly flowing traffic , minimal snow and fog, no abandoned burning vehicles by the roadside – just an ordinary day !

The roads leading to the Blue Mountains were mostly dry and the entire trip was  dispatched in an hour and a half. Ray and Robyn arrived at the Chalet an hour early – Anthony and Courtney about an half hour later.

As they were sitting in front of a very pleasant roaring log fire Gerry appeared. A little later Craig and his family arrived. John then cruised into the car park in his yellow Z. With some later arrivals the numbers peaked at twelve.

The decor was Xmas orientated with wall decorations and bon bons on the decorated table. Complimentary drinks were served followed by a delicious main meal . After this  the Xmas pudding was served.

After the previous  ensuing apprehension ,the day turned out to be very pleasant indeed and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

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