What a perfectly orchestrated day!  Weather was near perfect, the Zedders were all assembled within the time deadlines on Liberty Road and everybody was enthusiastic. Bazza led the way through the entrance into Area B. It took a while as cars from numerous other marques were also in the entrance queue. As instructed the Shannons stickers were stuck on the top right hand side of the windscreen – which was good for the officials but not so good for tallish drivers. However, once inside it was noted that there were quite a number of vehicles being displayed with the stickers on the left (Boo Hiss!).


Settling in and shuffling the Z cars into position took a few minutes (where’s Les – the parking officer?). Within a short time all the cars were in place – neat and parallel. Terry erected the Z Car Club insignia, bonnets were opened to reveal the powerplants and a last minute rub down of the paintwork completed the routine.

Well, it was quite a fantastic sight; there were eighteen gleaming Z cars on display – all perfectly groomed and up to the usual high standards of the club. Attendance was excellent. With some guests of Andrew’s there was a total of 26 members and guests in attendance.


There were simply acres of cars on display – of every make imaginable. All the stylish American makes such as Pontiac, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford and Studebaker and some of the rarer makes such as Hudson. The British cars were well represented with a range of Mini Minors, Morris Minors, Austin 1100s and 1800s. Of course numerous Holdens and Falcons and an extensive range of well-preserved Customlines. Also noted was a range of Bolwells, including the rarer Bolwell Nagari.

Some of the group ascended the stairs nearby to get some light refreshments. It was great to see Richard Handley again – who looked in great health. Unfortunately not the same could be said for poor John who had got into a fight with a chainsaw when he was pruning tree branches. He’s OK – but nearly gave himself a “hare lip”. It was pleasing to see the permanent suite of toilets and washbasins provided rather than those awful Portaloos.


A bit of a panic set in as it was suddenly announced over the loudspeaker that it was time for the Z cars to get on the track. This was unexpected as it had been a very late start in 2016. Drivers scrambled to their cars and took off around the circuit. Ray was completely unaware as he was still upstairs, and if it wasn’t for Robyn shouting at him would’ve missed it entirely. As it was he was way behind the Z car group and got onto the track behind a gaggle of Citroens including some 2CVs (that’s right – the high powered 2 cylinder beasts!). Covertly passing most of the Citroens and two buses – he still couldn’t catch the Zeds. A somewhat red-faced driver in the yellow Zed!!


While Darko was giving some hints to Courtney and Anthony on regulating fuel supply to a Z32, Andrew, Terry and Ray took a walk around the area. Andrew noticed a “Ferrari 275 GTB” and spoke to its owner. The car had been built on a Datsun 240Z chassis and was running an LS1 V8 engine from a Holden. The owner showed Andrew an album of photographs taken of the construction of the car which had taken a considerable time to build and some substantial funds. Terry and Ray looked at a beautifully restored Studebaker GT convertible which had taken the owner some years to complete.


It was a little after 2:00PM and the Zedders noticed that there were quite a number of gaps appearing in the different car group’s displays – which meant people were leaving. As the day progressed the Zedders started to slowly leave Eastern Creek. It had been a very successful excursion that everyone had enjoyed enormously. Great effort had gone into preparing the Z Cars for the day and it showed. The displays of the other marques were impressive and the stint on the racetrack rounded off a near perfect day.

– Ray