Les joined the Z Car Club of Sydney approximately twenty years ago. He initially was appointed as Treasurer and Merchandising Officer. Les and his wife Maria were very active in supporting the club by raising funds through local raffles and other activities, and Les also secured a number of generous sponsors who also contributed significantly to the club.

The Z Car Club of Sydney at this time had a published quality coloured magazine and the membership was increasing. Les became Vice President of the club in 2005. Around this time the Z Car Club had approximately 120 members.

He was also significantly involved in the organising committee of the NDN in 2005.

In 2008 Les became President of the Z Car Club and then Vice President in 2009.

Les again took over the Presidency of the Club in 2014 which he retained until his unfortunate passing this year (2017).

Les was one of the pioneers of the Z Car Club of Sydney who supported the club and its members with a passion and made a significant contribution to ensuring the club’s survival when other similar clubs were unable to continue to function due to lack of interested supportive members.

Even when Les was experiencing extreme ill health he would make the effort to attend excursions with his “pride and joy” – the impressively customised, beautifully polished red 260Z with the tan leather upholstery.

Les should be remembered for his unflinching support of the club through turbulent times and his tough minded and feisty leadership which ensured that the Z Car Club of Sydney would remain one of the most recognised car clubs of Sydney.

Rest in peace Les.