As there was no convoy it was “every man (and woman) for themselves” to get to Lugarno (and not get lost in the tricky winding backstreets) – before the gates closed on the display vehicles. The main core of hardy Z car perennials were already in position early as the rest of the Z car members filtered through the gates.


It was looking good; the line of Z mobiles extended across the park and represented probably the largest single exhibit. A few tardy Zeds sneaked in after the curfew. An impressive lineup of eighteen highly polished Zeds was the final total with an equally impressive total of twenty five members and guests in attendance.

The Lions Club had excelled itself for 2017 with over 200 stalls and over 300 classic vehicles on display.


The list of classic and rare cars on display was endless with lesser known breeds such as Vauxhall, Volvo P1800S and rare Triumphs such as Dolomite. American “iron” was plentiful with stock standard and highly modified V8s with carburetors that could swallow a man whole (maybe slightly exaggerating).

Lots of Holdens including the pre FJ – i.e. the “Humpy” and of course a good representation of Falcons and some Customlines (including imported versions).


The stalls were selling an impressive and varied range of goods including show bags and, the knights were back again (but no lances). The only real problems involved lining up in ever increasing queues to get something to eat (by virtue of the large crowds in attendance – a very long wait).

Overall, a very well organized event with interesting exhibits and stalls to cater for the entire family.


Some of the Zedders took advantage of the allowable exit times commencing at 1.30Pm and headed towards the main gates. By about 2.30-3.30PM the classic cars were becoming scarce in the park – time to go!

Unlike 2016 it doesn’t appear that any Z cars won an award on the day.


The Lions Club had excelled themselves in presenting the 2017 Gannons Spectacular and all members and guests representing the Z Car Club enjoyed the day immensely.

– Ray